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Megan Dushin

Equine Bodywork

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Are you looking to improve your horse’s performance? Would you like your horse to be more supple, balanced and connected to you in the arena, on the trail, or in hand? Consider a Masterson Method® Integrated Equine Performance bodywork session.

Through my training in this unique, multi-modal approach to equine bodywork, I have learned:

  • All horses carry tension in the body (just as we humans do). Whether they’re ridden for sport, therapy, lessons, or pleasure, they will likely have neuromuscular restriction patterns.

  • The Masterson Method is unique in that we’re watching how the horse responds to our touch to locate and release tension, using their signals to determine level of touch and timing.

  • Masterson Method bodywork can have a powerful impact on the horse’s performance and wellbeing. Clients have shared with me that their horse steps under better, flying lead changes improve, aggressive behaviors diminish, and more.

  • Horses’ instincts are to overlook pain and discomfort. They’re often in pain long before they show it. It’s important to address issues early to prevent lameness and restore the body to balance.

  • Offering your horse bodywork can uncover those hidden issues early on and prevent unsoundness. It can also help pinpoint a primary issue such as hoof care, dental care, or tack fit that may be causing pain.

As a Masterson Method Certified Practitioner, I partner with you and your horse to locate areas of pain and restriction, and then - most importantly - to release tension to improve performance and wellbeing.


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Elena felt great today! Despite the crazy slick ice underneath the 6 inches of flood we had to walk through to the barn, she was very energetic and had much more jump in the canter. I think it really helped her hind end in particular. Thanks so much Megan!
— INGRID HENRY, Dressage
Last Saturday and Sunday I had tremendously good rides! His trot was the best it has been in a long time—I’m not sure what you worked on, but it was forward, he was light in the contact (in a good way) and was really stepping under himself and pushing off during upward transitions. THANK YOU!
— ERIN BUIE, Dressage
Megan worked on my 19 year old grade Saddlebred Sarge. The barn staff said he was completely transformed socially - they could walk him into the barn with any other horse and he wouldn’t be aggressive. I also found him to be more relaxed, yet energetic. And communication regarding his care was excellent!
— Britt Olson, Western Pleasure



I approach each horse as a gift to open and a puzzle to solve. I delight in seeing their personality emerge, in unraveling the complex layers that cause issues, and in helping them be their best through the course of bodywork.

About Me

I grew up on a horse farm in New York learning from and working alongside my mother — a lifelong horsewoman and head of the Garrison Pony Club. She taught me to appreciate the Basics, keep horses natural, and aspire to the special union between horse and human.

After a childhood filled with riding, teaching, and competing, I decided to hang up the halter and explore the world outside of horses. I picked up where I left off 25 years later after college, a career, and two kids.

When I discovered The Masterson Method, I felt my calling loud and clear. My studies of kinesiology, movement-based therapies, and body awareness came in handy in this approach to helping horses - through the body and mindful of the horse/human relationship. I’m now able to give back to horses and help them be the best they can be through bodywork.