Bodywork Services


Massage & Bodywork

I am a certified practitioner in The Masterson Method®, and offer gentle and effective bodywork services to help horses:

  • Release accumulated stress and tension

  • Improve performance — mobility, suppleness, evenness, balance, and impulsion

  • Improve behavior and attitude — often caused by pain in the body

This is a great offering for all types of horses in all kinds of jobs. It can help horses recover from the winter hardships in cold climates (in Minnesota that’s pretty much a given!) or a long trailering journey, just following a dentist visit, between chiropractic visits, between lessons or shows, etc.

In the Masterson Method® integrated equine bodywork we use "light touch" and range-of-motion (ROM) techniques in such a way that bypasses the horse's flee/freeze response to release deeply held and accumulated tension. We have over 100 techniques for the whole horse, but more importantly, we use awareness, intention, and mindful presence with our technical skills to connect with and listen to the horse's body to better release tension and improve ROM. We also can help pinpoint primary issues that may be causing pain or restrictions in the first place.

Here’s how it works: I meet you at the barn, you bring your horse in from wherever and lightly groom to prepare for the session. I typically work where the horse is most comfortable and where it’s quiet (i.e., in the stall when there’s no feeding). You’re welcome to watch the session. I’ll provide my analysis afterwards via email, and I hope to hear from you what changes, if any, you discovered in your horse in the days following. From there we can decide on the optimal treatment plan to help you reach your goals.

Masterson Method® is not a substitute for veterinary care — we may refer owners to their veterinarian, dentist, farrier, or other providers depending on what the horse is showing us.

Contact Me if you’d like to discuss a single or series of bodywork sessions for your horse(s).


I enjoy demonstrating and sharing the simplest Masterson Method® techniques that you can do to improve your horse’s performance and overall wellbeing between sessions. I can provide a private 1:1 or small group demonstration at your barn to help you learn how to do techniques such as the Bladder Meridian with your horse. This will help you see and relate to your horse in a new light and will help your horse feel release tension and connect with you in a new way!

Contact Me if you’d like to be added to my email list or to discuss a demo at your barn.